Specializing in Social Media Management and online ads, we can help you increase your return on investment in your online marketing efforts. We are able to assist in content creation for your website and social media sites, as well as utilize advanced techniques to increase the search engine optimization of your website.

Building relationships with your customers is important, and in today’s technology driven society, having an online presence helps build those relationships. At MasseyMedia, we offer social media training, consulting, and services tailored to what works best for your company and your needs.

Social Media Icons

Popular Social Media Sites


Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than 900 million users. Facebook gives businesses an influential way to spread the word about what is going on in their business, along with information about their products and services. Word-of-mouth marketing is a way customers tell other people their opinion of a product, service, or event. With Facebook, you can build loyalty with your customers, and they can like, share, and post information about your business.


Twitter, which has 500 million users, is a micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read text-like messages of up to 140 characters. Businesses who know how to turn those 140 characters into revenue for their company are sure to see that a presence on Twitter can lead to more customers. At MasseyMedia, we can help you turn those 140 characters into long-term customers.


Pinterest is a bookmarking style site where users create pinboards and can “pin” pictures to these boards based on themes such as events, interests, and hobbies. Through Pinterest, businesses see traffic driven to their websites from users who are interested in products that businesses have added to their own Pinterest boards.


Google+ is a multilingual social networking service that is owned and operated by Google, Inc. Google+ has 235 million active users per month. Owned and operated by Google Inc., a presence on Google+ plays a large impact on search engine optimization of your website on Google search.


YouTube is a video-sharing website through which users can upload, view, and share videos. YouTube gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their products, share testimonials, post television commercials, and more.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for people in professional occupations. LinkedIn can provide opportunities to forge business relationships, find a job or potential employees, and promote business.