Website Maintenance

Our websites perform well and look awesome for your business.  However, websites need monthly maintenance.  We proactively check for issues to ensure an error-free experience for your visitors with our Website Maintenance plans. Routine activities such as database cleanups keep your site running fast. 

We are meticulous in your site’s good standing. We constantly monitor uptime, scan for intrusions in real time, check for malware from multiple sources, and immediately address critical issues.

We are also proactive in managing our custom websites as well.  Our custom-built websites are managed separately from our WordPress websites.  Custom websites have customized maintenance plans.

Maintenance Options

WordPress maintenance is an add-on to the monthly hosting cost.  You can get by without using our monthly maintenance if you prefer to do the maintenance yourself.  Our custom website programming sites include all maintenance included.

WordPress Updates

We manage WordPress core and plugin updates. Critical updates are implemented immediately.

WordPress Secuity

We implement leading WordPress security, seal vulnerabilities, and actively monitor.

Malware Scanning

We scan your site hourly through multiple sources to ensure no malware gets in.

Uptime Monitoring

Hourly site checks with immediate attention if any downtime is detected.

Site Crawler Analysis

We check error logs and crawl your site weekly to fix broken links, images, URLs and other site issues.

Cloud Backups

Daily local and offsite backups are stored for 365 days.  Easy restore from backups.

Database Optimization

WordPress stores a lot of junk. We clean this weekly to improve site performance.

Custom Blog Posts

We personally review your site weekly to check for irregularities and errors.