SMS/MMS Marketing

98% of text messages are read once they are received. Statistics show that SMS marketing is a way to gain your customer’s attention and increase your revenue.

Whether you want to promote your business or offer a contest, our SMS platform makes it quick and easy to send text messages to your customers. Text to Join, Text to Vote, Text to Win, and SMS surveys are just a few of the features that are sure to drive your business.

A form of permission marketing, consumers must opt-in to receive your promotional text messages. The online platform used to schedule your text campaigns can be customized to your marketing strategy. After sending a text campaign, you can view the analytics enabling you to track messages, track contacts, and delivery information.


Short Message Service (SMS) is the fastest way to reach consumers with your brand. SMS provides the broadest consumer reach and allows you to interact directly with mobile subscribers. Use SMS to keep connected via information alerts, or even track inquiries and receive orders for your business. MasseyMedia, Inc. provides extensive mobile messaging capabilities to help your company launch SMS campaigns across mobile network operators worldwide.


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) represents the next generation of mobile messaging and enables longer content text, images, video, or audio to be inserted into SMS messages. You can deliver up to 500KB of content using MMS via high quality picture, video or ringtone. Some examples of MMS include branded advertisements, mobile coupons, movie trailers, music videos, sports highlights and personal photos. Let MasseyMedia, Inc. help you use MMS effectively to engage your customers.


WhatsApp is an internationally available freeware, cross-platform, centralized, instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service owned by US tech conglomerate Meta. Meta also owns Facebook. Whatsapp allows text messages, autio, video, and image messages as well as VOIP phone calls. There is no cost to utilizing this application making adoption much easier.  WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption.  MasseyMedia can help your business better utilize WhatsApp for your audience.

What's the Difference?

MMS SMS WhatsApp
Stands for Multimedia Messaging Service Short Message Service WhatsApp Message Service
Transmission mechanism Messages are sent to the message center. They are then sent to the recipient via the internet, if the phone supports MMS formats. If it doesn't, the MMS can be viewed in a web browser. Message centers are responsible for sending and receiving texts. They also try to re-send messages if they failed in the first try. Whatsapp Message server are responsible for sending and receiving text and media messsages.
Challenges Spamming, content adaptation, distribution lists, poor handset capabilities Spoofing and spamming Closed platform. Relianceon WhatsApp services. Audience adoption of platform.
Size No limit 160 characters No limit. VOIP calling included.
Usage 1.3 billion active users, 50 billion MMS messages, $26 billion revenue (in 2008) 4.1 trillion SMS text messages were sent generating a revenue of $81 billion (in 2008) 2 billion active users per month.