SEO Phrases and DiagramSearch engine optimization is just as important as your website design and function. Many companies offer guarantees or tricks to improve your search ranking, and very rarely do they deliver on their promises.

Our websites are built with search engine optimization in mind, using clean code and best practices. At MasseyMedia, we can help you identify keywords and write keyword rich content to ensure you are receiving more traffic and increase your search engine ranking. Sites built using SEO will achieve better search rankings and help drive more visitors to your site.


We take care when building your website to ensure that specific rules are followed so that you are in compliance with search engine standards. We follow the guidelines closely to help your website rank highly for your selected keywords and phrases. We help you select appropriate keywords and phrases and then integrate those in to your site text.


We work with your team to help research, submit, and position your website within search engines to achieve maximum visibility to that search engine. We help your budget for these PPC/CPC (pay-per-click/cost-per-click) keyword purchases and also set up these keyword marketing plans.