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What‘s new on Instagram?

Blog Post: What‘s new on Instagram?

On Thursday, Instagram, a Facebook owned company, launched a new feature that will allow its 130 million monthly users to create and share 15 second videos. This video feature, available on iOS and Android platforms, will allow users to edit their videos with filters, a cover frame, and provide image stabilization. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom stated, “There are a ton of moments in the world that can’t be captured in single images.” This is why Instagram leadership chose to integrate a video feature into their app that users can easily capture, apply a filter and share with not only their Instagram followers, but also their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Email.

The update to this app has a very similar look and feel to its previous version. When users press the camera button, they are given the option to choose still camera or video camera. Users are able to upload their previously taken photos or take a photo through the app – nothing has changed with this feature. As of right now, Instagram videos can only be shot from within the app, and you can’t upload an existing video from your phone’s camera roll.  To record a video through Instagram, users just have to hold down the video icon to record. Releasing the button allows users to pause their video, readjust what they are filming, and begin recording again by simply pressing the button. The features of Instagram’s video capabilities are endless.

Users can switch back and forth between the front and rear facing cameras, and will allow videos to be anywhere between 3 and 15 seconds long.  Instagram’s new video feature allows you to delete the last clip that was shot, in case it was a bad take. Instagram allows you to choose from its normal filters, as well as thirteen filters built just for video. Along with adding a filter to your video, Instagram also allows you to choose a scene from what you’ve recorded and set it as the video’s cover image.  The most talked about feature of this update is Instagram’s Cinema feature. Cinema is a way to stabilize the video, a great feature for those of us with shaky hands. As Facebook continues to conquer social media, this video-sharing update is their latest step.

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