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The value of a company blog

Blog Post: The value of a company blog

Blogging: Everyone is talking about it, but few understand its real worth. Sure, it can be educational and entertaining, but it is also a valuable and even crucial element to a company‘s marketing plan.

Blogs come in many shapes and sizes. There are personal blogs, food blogs, fitness blogs, sports blogs… the list goes on. For every hobby or interest, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of blogs on the subject. Writers of these blogs, or "bloggers" as they are more commonly known, range from professional writers to high schoolers. For an individual, a blog can be a display of photos and memories, but for a company, blogs can be a dominant source of traffic and search engine optimization (SEO).

The purpose of a company blog is two-fold. First, a blog enables you to provide useful information to clients, both current and potential. Blogs allow for brief, timely updates regarding new products, special offers, company news, and more. When you‘re blogging pertinent and interesting information regarding your business and products, people begin reading. These readers will add to your Web traffic, which has the capability to boost sales.

The second and more important purpose of a blog is to add consistent, keyword-rich content to your site. Based on the keywords written into blog posts, ranking on search engines can be significantly boosted for important keyword searches. When it comes to search engines and how the ranking of websites are determined, content is king. If you are posting valuable content on a regular basis that includes specific keywords, this will increase your ranking on search engines for those keywords.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Sites that have a blog that is regularly updated receive 55 percent more visitors than sites that do not.
  • 97 percent more inbound links were found for sites that blogged than those that did not.

Blogging may be the most powerful social media device a company can employ; however, it is often the least utilized, since it can require a great deal of effort. Setting up a blog can be relatively inexpensive, but the upkeep of a blog is time-consuming. Adding new content regularly - something that is required if your blog is to add SEO value to your site - is impossible for a business with no time to spare. It is a challenge for busy companies to even think about keeping up with a blog, especially those who may not be comfortable with writing. In situations such as this, hiring a company blogger on a contract basis can be very beneficial.

Remember, company blogs should be a positive and helpful experience for their readers. The value a blog can add to your company‘s marketing plan far outweighs the initial set-up costs and the efforts of upkeep. Analytics should be available through your website to help you determine from where your Web traffic is being directed, and where your readers are clicking when they leave your page. When properly employed, a company blog can add interest, SEO value, and traffic to the website of your business.