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Social Media Analyst - It‘s more than just a Facebook post

Blog Post: Social Media Analyst - It‘s more than just a Facebook post

Every business has a purpose for being on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Whether that purpose is to increase “likes” and “followers” is important, but we also know that these “likes” and “followers” do nothing for your business until you can convert them to customers. Although the reason for taking part in these social network will vary depending on the organization, the number one reason is to drive sales for your business. Knowing how to use social media effectively doesn’t mean just making a post or gaining more likes or followers, it means effectively understanding how to use the tools offered by each site, and how to analyze the statistics to increase your business.

MasseyMedia‘s goals, whether they are to get the word out, to increase likes, to provide better customer service, or to market a new product. These reports provide detailed analytics across various social media outlets as well as traffic analytics from their website.  We are able to correlate visits from their website and social channels to other marketing efforts.  These correlations help to craft a marketing path helps determine the proper post types moving forward. In a perfect world, you want your totals for reach and impressions to be almost equal or as close as possible to each other; meaning that a large percentage of your potential audience sees your content and interacts with your page.

If you notice a big difference between your reach and impressions, then you know that more work is needed to make contact with those potential readers. We also suggested that by being able to see how your fans engaged and responded to your posts, you can begin to predict the performance of your future posts. If your fans are responding to statements like “The event I’d most like to see in East Texas is_________” or “Check out this video of our new XYZ product and see how you can benefit (insert a link to the video)” then you will want to post more engaging posts similar to those. Knowing what your fans respond to allows you to set your brand up for success. After making these recommendations, this client’s engagement rose from 3.33% to 5.46%.

Analyzing these statistics can be overwhelming or may not make sense, that is what a Social Media Consultant is here to do—find the trends in your statistics to help make your presence on these sites as profitable as possible for you. Our job is to turn your fans and followers into repeat customers by tweaking your online activity and make improvements to your social media activity.  We go beyond the posts and tweets and help you understand how these posts can be utilized to understand your followers, change your marketing plan accordingly, and ultimately increase your sales.

At MasseyMedia, we offer several different Social Media Consulting plans and would be happy to help your business increase its profit by using sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Please call our Social Media Consultant at 936-225-4705 to make sure your business is achieving its full potential on Social Media sites.