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Recent Updates to Facebook: Levels of Access, Post Scheduling, & Promote Button

Blog Post: Recent Updates to Facebook: Levels of Access, Post Scheduling, & Promote Button

We love the changes Facebook is making to help businesses better manage their Facebook pages. Just this week, the Facebook team rolled out three important updates to improve the experience of Facebook users and page managers.

  • Different Levels of Access for Page Admins. Before, there was only one level of admin access to a Facebook page. This meant that everyone with admin rights to the page, no matter their title or role in the company, had the same type of access to the page. This posed several problems; for example, we heard horror stories about disgruntled employees removing all other admins, making themselves the sole admin of the company page and posting whatever they wanted. Now, Facebook allows you to choose from the following roles for each admin you add to your page: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst. The role you choose is dependent on the person‘s role with the company and its Facebook page, which is exactly how it should be. We‘re happy to see this change and hope it will help companies avoid future issues with page admins.
  • Post Scheduling Directly from Pages without Third-Party Tools. In order to schedule a post for a future time or date, Facebook users have traditionally used third-party tools such as Hootsuite or other social media management systems. Now, users and admins are able to schedule posts directly from their Facebook pages. Simply log in to Facebook as your page, which can be done by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and selecting "Use Facebook as [choose page]. Then, type a post or select a photo to post as usual. Now, click the clock icon at the bottom left of the text box. Select a date and time, and voila! Your post is now scheduled for a future date or time. This new feature should help page managers who are not interested in third-party tools better utilize the time they spend posting updates on Facebook.
  • Facebook Promote Button. Have you ever wished there was a way to make sure the people who "Like" your page are actually seeing your posts? Now you can, but it will cost you. If your page has 400 or more fans, you are now able to pay to promote specific posts. You‘re essentially purchasing a Facebook ad, so pricing is similar to that. It‘s actually cheaper to promote a post than to create a Facebook ad; however, promoted posts will only be shown to people who have already liked your page, while ads can be shown to people who haven‘t liked your page. The method of advertising you choose will depend on what your needs are at the time and what you are trying to promote. While your posts will still appear naturally in the feeds of the people who like your page, this is a means to really push posts that may be more important or beneficial to your business. It‘s another new and innovative way to use Facebook when marketing your business.

Have you tried any of these new Facebook features? What features or tools are you hoping Facebook will provide in the near future?