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Facebook Updates iOS App - new photo options, faster event loading, and more

Blog Post: Facebook Updates iOS App - new photo options, faster event loading, and more

On Monday, Facebook rolled out a new iOS update giving users the capability to re-share and save photos. With the update, the events homepage and individual events will load at a faster speed, and Facebook has added an easier group messaging and group chatting option. When viewing a photo on Facebook, users now have the option to save it to their photo album and share it with friends. Before the update, the only capabilities users had were to like, comment, or tag friends. Users have been able to re-share posts for some time, but the new update gives this option for individual photos as well. While taking a screen shot used to be the only way to save a photo directly from Facebook, users can now do so by clicking on the ellipsis icon. Facebook iOS users can also make someone else’s photo their own profile picture.

acebook events also received a rebuild, as it was one of the features that hadn’t been updated for speed like the newsfeed and other elements of Facebook iOS. The events homepage and the pages of individual events are loading noticeably faster. If this will lead to more engagement on events, we will have to wait and see. The addition of group messaging to the Facebook app messaging feature was introduced with this week’s update. Group messaging seems to be a big push with this update, as the new app features a group message composer as well as a group chat list within the chat menu.

Facebook also added an improved way to edit places when users check in using their iPhone. This update gives users the opportunity to suggest edits, like updating the address, phone number, business hours, or website of the place they are checking in. Facebook released a report earlier in the month stating that it has 751 million mobile users. Since a large number of their users are on their mobile devices, you can tell that Facebook is heavily focused on its mobile updates. There are sure to be more updates and changes to come as Facebook continues to be the first place most users go when using their mobile phones. If you would like to learn more about how your company can benefit from the use of the new Facebook App, be sure to call us at 936-225-4705.