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Engaging Content - A business‘s greatest advantage online

Blog Post: Engaging Content - A business‘s greatest advantage online

With over 187 million active websites and rising, businesses of all sizes are competing with each other in the online marketplace. All of this competition makes it important for businesses to make their online content as engaging as possible. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines engaging as “tending to draw favorable attention or interest,” and that is exactly what businesses want to do with their websites and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A business’s website and social media content is their number one tool for informing, persuading, and engaging its readers. Because there are many different markets and audiences, there isn’t just one definition that we could use to explain “Engaging Content”.  Rather, we will focus on four qualities of engaging content – Content should be relevant, informative, unique, and provide influence.

Creating relevant content is the most important piece of making your content engaging. To create relevant and engaging content, businesses should begin with their current customers by focusing on their needs. All businesses need to have a good understanding of their customers and the problems they may be facing and then tailor online content to show how their business solutions can help the customer.  If a business can enlighten their customers as to how they can solve their problems or issues, then their content is more likely to be engaging. In order for a business to be portrayed as an authority or expert in their industry, it is essential that both website and social media content be informative. By posting informative information, a business portrays itself to both their current and potential customers as an industry expert. For this to happen, it is important that the content being written is appropriate for their target market, accurate, and timely.

Engaging content must also have a uniqueness factor. This content should lead customers to think about or view a product in a way they did not before. Businesses should create content to be unique – they should describe their product in such a way as to highlight its unique attributes.  Why should a customer use our product versus a competitor? Are we less expensive, better quality, better customer service, etc.  The possibilities are endless in how you differentiate your products.  But, remember, consumers shouldn’t feel like they are being marketed to.  Rather, they need to feel that the business is providing them with a better solution.

If a business has done their homework and has been successful in getting a customer to visit their website, the work is not done.  From here, the business needs to have engaging and influential text and graphics that will lead the visitors to take an action.  There are several ways to accomplish this, but the most popular and successful way to drive business is creating a “Call to Action”. A call to action prompts a viewer to click or complete a form for a certain reason.  This could be to have them subscribe to a newsletter, to complete a “request more information” form, or to purchase a product. Calls to action are a great way to generate leads for a business, and turn those leads into customers.

While the design and layout of a website is important, without engaging content, it is not likely to turn any of the visits into customer.  It is essential that the website content have relevance, be informative, unique, and have influence.  With this formula, you will be successful in engaging your customers.  The way you present the information could be the determining factor on whether a user exits a site within seconds or places an order for products or services or uses those of a competitor. For more information on engaging content or if you need assistance writing content for your marketing efforts, call MasseyMedia at (936) 225-4705.