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Blogging for your Business

Blog Post: Blogging for your Business

Blogging is an important medium of communication for your business in today’s technology driven society. With over 3 million blogs being created every month, having a blog for your business gives you and your consumers a way to interact and get a better understanding of what consumers think about your products or services. Having this understanding of consumer opinions, companies can improve their services to meet the needs of their consumers; resulting in trust and credibility.  Blogging can be beneficial for both small and large businesses.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that it increases traffic to your website. When uploading posts to your blog, your website gains another “page”. If you keep these posts applicable to your business, search engines will begin to notice and your ranking in search engines will increase.  Search engines love blogs because of the new, fresh content. When a blog has new posts, it pings the search engines, and your website receives higher optimization. Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a format of delivering regularly changing web content. Consumers can sign up to receive your RSS feed, and when you make a post, they receive a notification and information about your new entry.  When they receive this notification, they can either go to your blog to read the new post, or they can read it in their RSS reader. The more often that you make a blog post, the more consumers will come to your blog to read and comment on it.

When you update your blog with a new post or if a consumer comments on any of your posts, search engines get pinged, which means that it has been notified that your blog has been updated. Another benefit of blogging is building and bringing recognition to your brand. When consumers read your blog, they may consider you an expert in your area of business. The image of your blogger gives a sense of “authority” and can impact the sales of your products and services. A blog helps you build your reputation in a very easy way. Maintaining the image of your brand online is important, and having a blog where you can discuss your new products or issues, can help you maintain your positive image. Building your brand with a blog is cheap and effective and the potential is unparalleled. If you‘d like to know more information on Blogging for your Business, give us at call at 936-225-4705.