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As most of you have heard, Google has decided to terminate their reseller partner agreements and absorb the program internally by years end.  What does that mean in English? It means after 14 years of offering a great product to great vendors Google will no longer resell its Postini service through resellers like us.

What does this mean for you and your company?

It means that we will need to migrate you from Postini to our new filtering partner; McAfee Saas Email Filtering, previously MXLogic.  The good news is that we will handle all the details, including setting up your email address and moving over your approved/blocked senders from the Postini portal.

We have spent a lot of time demoing replacement products, and after several months decided McAfee would be the best fit.  In our demos we found that McAfee has several new features and a much more user friendly interface.

There will be no interruption in service as we seamlessly migrate each customer from Postini to McAfee. Users whitelists and blacklists will carry over, meaning all your settings will remain the same.  In addition we have negotiated a comparable rate so that there will be no increase in your monthly service charge. You will know that your domain has been moved as the quarantine reports will start appearing from the McAfee service rather than Postini. If you have any questions, or concerns about the move please let us know and we will be happy to introduce you to our newest service. We are happy to announce this partnership and foresee nothing short of an amazing experience for all!


The biggest change will be your quarantine report will now come from McAfee’s service rather than Postini an example report is listed below:

Sample Quarantine Email


You’ll notice one of the main tools missing, is Blacklist. That’s not to say you can’t blacklist an address. However it’s not an efficient use of your time to try and blacklist all the junk mail you get, in fact that nullifies the need for the report. Instead you ignore the junk and whitelist the messages from the senders you want.

The main options are Release and Allow.

Release/Allow Options

Release: This option allows the message to go to your inbox so it can be read

Allow: Whitelist; while allowing the message to go to your inbox it also never blocks the sender again

Additional options are explained below.

Delete all messages: Clicking this link will delete all messages in your daily spam report

View list of all quarantined messages: This link will take you to your control panel where you can see a list of all quarantined messages, not just the ones quarantined the day before.

Manage my email addresses: This link will take you to the control panel to review a list of all the email address that are whitelisted / blacklisted and make changes to those entries.


If you want to check your quarantine and see what messages are in the queue at that very moment you can do so by accessing the control panel. Here you can also view your edit your whitelist / blacklist and make other changes to your spam filtering account.

Control Panel Address: http://spam.masseymedia.com/

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